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Finishes are one of our most successful  endeavors.  We specialize in making new pieces look antique through the finishing process.  At times we also do pristine new finishes.  We also specialize in durable and beautiful living finishes, especially for our dining tables, which make them durable enough for families to use every day yet remaining rich and buttery in appearance throughout their lives.  Many of our finishes are featured elsewhere on this website – there is hardly ever a project we work on that does not require some finish work.   Check custom furniture tab for any pieces that we’ve built and also finished // check also the repairs tab for furniture repairs that required refinishing – this section is strictly for fancy finishes and other fun decorative projects.

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Furniture repairs are a mainstay of our business. Buck is our repair genius and he specializes in fabrication of new parts, especially new parts for antique furniture. He says building custom furniture makes him a better repair man. And repairing makes him a better builder. He is truly an expert at wood mechanics and at making creative parts to save the day when something goes wrong.
“In order to become a better furniture builder, it is vital that I do repairs. My skill at repairing is strengthened by building furniture. They each feed off each other. I see where things fail and why, and it educates and informs me.”
168 Mid century modern furniture repair lathe turned replacement parts teak pulls

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Cabinetry and Built-in Work

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Custom Furniture

Excellent quality custom furniture is the heart and soul of our business. Buck has been doing this for more than 30 years. The projects below are our most recent, and represent only a small fraction of Buck’s work over his professional lifetime. You must visit “Past work” on the right to see the bulk of Buck’s furniture projects.

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Antiqued Mirrors

New mirror can be aged chemically to look antique. My process is vastly superior to what I’ve seen thus far from other sources.  You may sometimes order antiqued mirror from various commercial glass houses, but the result typically looks more like an evenly sponged wall than natural aging.  It’s also a take-it-or leave it approach in which the customer chooses from a menu of options but is allowed no further input into the process or the final effect.  I have a much grater degree of control and am able to create fairly specific effects – various degrees of distress, varying types of patterning, etcetera – all of which will look much more like naturally occurring aging.  As always, I invite my customers into my studio for feedback as needed during the process.

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