Hello! we are Suzanne Bonham and Buck O’Kelly of Inventia Design.
Buck began his career by getting a biology degree, which he never used. Instead he pursued classical guitar, photography and avant-garde dance. A strong desire to build furniture had him land a position in one of the best furniture studios in San Francisco. He continued his learning in Japan and fell in love with the traditional techniques and tools there. When it comes to hand tools, these remain his first choice, but his techniques range from traditional to modern. He soon had his own solo business and was privileged to build high-end furniture for John Wheatman and Associates, and others, in San Francisco for 18 years. At this point, he decided to work a while for someone else, building cabinetry for Simon, Toney and Fischer, and repairing furniture at Chantiques, both in Portland, Oregon. Then along came the Bonham-shell bearing the obvious message: you must build furniture again! With me!
Sue started out her professional career in the sciences, working first as an RN, and then as a nuclear pharmacist for a number of years. In the meantime, she drove everybody crazy pursuing her hobbies, which she could never get enough of. This usually involved obtaining a series of disastrous old houses and getting her hands very dirty in DIY projects, learning all the way, putting lipstick on the poor old pigs. She was in the process of leaving her job as a pharmacist when she met Buck, and the rest is history. She discovered a natural talent for furniture design, and is now blissfully happy using her natural mechanical ability and talents with color and line to their fullest, and still banging around with the old house on weekends.

Now, for any of you who know us, you are aware of how much we like to goof around, so here are some bloopers: We thank our dear friend Steve Eichenberger for having the patience to take all these pictures for us.